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MJ the Musical

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Wednesday, 6 March 2024

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Saturday, 7 December 2024

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2hr 30min. Incl. 15min interval.

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MJ the Musical

The Producers Lia Vollack Productions and The Michael Jackson Estate have announced that the multi-Tony Award winning Broadway musical MJ will make its way to London’s theatreland, landing in the West End in 2024 at the Prince Edward Theatre. This is the second Jackson musical, this time revealing the background to the artist’s extraordinary Dangerous World Tour in 1992. MJ will be directed and choreographed by the Royal Ballet Associate Artist Christopher Wheeldon OBE, who said, "I am thrilled that MJ will come to London, having been embraced by New York audiences since it opened. Michael Jackson had a profound influence on popular culture, as well as all of us as performing artists, and this musical is an exploration of that artistic mind and a creative process which is unmistakably Michael Jackson.”

Wheeldon is joined by an exceptional creative team packed with award winners and nominees, and the cast will be announced nearer the time. If you’d love to know the background to the Dangerous Tour that made the man into the legend he remained for the rest of his life, this one’s for you. As the book writer for MJ, Lynn Nottage said, “As a Black musician and a pioneering voice in the music industry, Michael Jackson demanded inclusion, broke incredible barriers and in the process made indelible music that continues to resonate, delight and move listeners today. I am drawn to his complicated, singular and uncompromising creative process, and to understand where, why and how he made his music." If you’d like to know more about the character behind the magic and the music, this one’s for you.

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Young Couples:

Great singing and dancing
The volume was over the top and took away from an otherwise great show.
Susan, 27 May 2024
Wonderful Show
Amazing show in a wonderful theatre. I found the snacks and refreshments very well priced
Janet, 26 May 2024
A must see
The show was amazing. Good acting and choreography
Sharon, 25 May 2024
Wonderful music well sung and acted. Absolutely brilliant!!
Andrew, 24 May 2024
Absolutely brilliant show from start to finish! Loved it!
Julie, 24 May 2024
My 2nd visit to a great show, fast pace and great music. So enjoyable.
Francesca, 24 May 2024
Fabulous show
This show was absolutely brilliant! The music was incredible and the dancing fantastic. It told the story of MJ’s life as well , going back to when he was l just a boy in the Jackson 5. The music took me back and reminded me of all the fabulous music he made. I lighting and staging were amazing too. Well worth going to see.
Gillian, 24 May 2024
Loved it. Great music and lighting
Loretta, 24 May 2024
The best dancing we have ever been too
Absolutely fantastic music Go, sit back and be entertained
Thomas, 24 May 2024
The musical was fantastic. Actors, music, lighting, costumes, atmosphere, everything was really magical. It's a must see!! ♥️
Martina, 23 May 2024
not finished
We are still here
Lisa, 22 May 2024
Great musical telling you the story of Michael’s life rather than the controversy surrounding him. Great acting by main actor & cast members. Band was phenomenal covering the music down to the last note. Anyone who is a fan will enjoy this show.
Debbie, 22 May 2024
MJ musical 20th May 2024
Fantastic show.
John, 21 May 2024
A must see !
The music takes you right back to when Michael was alive. The effects were brilliant 👏 I really enjoyed it. The staff were very friendly.
Ann, 19 May 2024
Absolutely brilliant night , the show was amazing!
Kirsty, 18 May 2024
You can't Beat It!
MJ is a feast for the eyes and ears. The story is thought provoking, at times tear-jerking, but ultimately the show is about the joy that MJ's music brought to the world.
Geoffrey, 17 May 2024
I hate theatre but this was the best I have ever seen
Paul, 16 May 2024
Michael Jackson music never disappoints
Saw the MJ musical tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it! The story line followed him from his childhood and highlighted how his father was the defining factor of the demons he fought in life. The story line was a little too deep and would have preferred more of the upbeat music and dancing. Could have definitely done without the character, Rachel, singing with MJ. She was not musically talented and did nothing for the songs. The actor, Myles Frost, was phenomenal! All of the backup dancers/singers brought a lot of energy to the show! Overall good show and worth a visit. Inexpensive seats are great! We sat back row Dress circle and had a great view!
Tonya, 15 May 2024
Great show everything about it was excellent
Mary, 15 May 2024
Incredible !!!!!!!!!
It’s my best show that I haven t never saw !! It was incredible !! The singers was fantastics, the decor was sensationnel and the theatre is a pur Marvel !!!
ARLENE, 15 May 2024
Great show & if you loved mjs music it’s a must
Karen, 15 May 2024
You won’t be disappointed!
Fantastic show! I had high hopes and was not disappointed. Amazing singing and dancing at a great theatre.
Julie, 14 May 2024
Awesome absolutely amazing absolutely a must-sea show
I would recommend this show to absolutely anyone it is amazing
Vijay, 14 May 2024
Such talented performers
Loved the show, love MJ’s music anyway but the storytelling in this show both pulled at the heart strings emotionally and lifted you up musically
Alison, 12 May 2024
The cast and ensemble are absolutely incredible. The singing is on point, the dancing is brilliant and the hits keep on coming.
Andrew, 12 May 2024
Certainly absorbing
Powerful ,embracing and connected
Elaine, 11 May 2024
Excellent Show
There was absolutely nothing to complain about. One of the best shows I have seen. Would highly recommend.
Pat, 10 May 2024
Great cast, uncanny likeness and clever interweaving of storyline. Musicians and singing/dancing absolutely faultless. Not often I give anything 5 stars. This is worth every penny.
Gary, 10 May 2024
Michael Jackson
I love Michael Jackson. When I saw the posters in London advertising the show last year, I couldn’t wait. I watched the actor being interviewed on TV and I was thrilled. I never got to see real Michael Jackson but this was close enough, like my dreams come true. Thank you so much. I will be back.
CHARITY, 10 May 2024
Excellent show
Alison, 09 May 2024
Absolutely fantastic show , so good I need to see it again
Louise, 09 May 2024
Exciting from start to finish!
This show had something for everyone. Wonderful music, a great story line and dancing that was extraordinary. Exciting from start to finish!
Jill, 09 May 2024
One of the best
David, 08 May 2024
I would recommend this show it’s smashing! I loved every bit of it’ The dance routine was fabulous! Costumes good and the lighting was amazing!
Abiola, 07 May 2024
I loved the show, high energy, great acting and the music was amazing! Would highly recommend.
Ruth, 07 May 2024
Absolutely brilliant
Four members of my family went to watch this musical. We all absolutely loved it. It was emotional, entertaining and wonderfully portrayed by the cast. MK was outstanding. You remember what a huge talent Michael Jackson was and how difficult his life became.
Marianne, 05 May 2024
Fantastic show
Sat in the dress circle , excellent view. Booked dinks in advance , ready when we arrived .. great idea. Show was superb, one’s , singing , and the band were all spot on . Acting very good, great show , would go again..
David, 05 May 2024
Always been a fan of MJs music. The performers did it justice.
Deborah, 05 May 2024
A must see
Amazing performance, stunning actors and dancers, beautiful lughth
Maria, 04 May 2024
It’s the closest MJ experience you will get!
That was incredible, the music, dancing & storytelling. Such a talented cast. MJ himself would be blown away with this show! A must watch!
Wayne, 04 May 2024
The best show I’ve seen
Fantastic show. The music, lighting, production and storytelling is spot on. Most of all the lead, Myles frost is superb. His voice, dancing and even his mannerisms made it feel like Michael was right in front of us. This show is a must for any MJ fan!
James, 04 May 2024
Not only all the actors are amazing but the production is also incredible. Definitely will rewatch it again!
Yvonne, 04 May 2024
Creative, powerful, emotional and colourful
Love the story of MJ from the childhood until his became the legend. Brilliant actors and actress. Fantastic voice and dancer. MJ is awesome and his voice sounds like an angel!! Falling in love with him 😍 brilliant show!! Would love to listen Heal the World song in the show. Thank you! Highly recommended indeed.
Elsie, 03 May 2024
Magical, creative and powerful
Awesome story and musical but a little bit disappointed because Heal The World song is missing. I’m sure audiences would love to listen to this song. The main character of MJ is awesome and what an angel voice!! Love it 🥰 highly recommended and this is my second time watching the show 😃 thank you!!
Elsie, 03 May 2024
We dont have words ro describe the emotion, It was incredible! Thank you and congratulation!
Giada, 03 May 2024
I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I loved the singing & main character acted the part well. Plus he has similar voice tone to the real MJ!
Marie-Jo, 03 May 2024
A must see!!
Absolutely fantastic show. Very talented actors and amazing music. A must see show.
Clare, 03 May 2024
Fabulous show, a big insight into MJ, life story and the troubles he faced. Also the sound was brilliant.
steve, 03 May 2024
Amazing. Must see.
Brilliant, start to finish amazing.
Rhys, 02 May 2024
I thought the music from where I was seated was a bit too loud. The energy from the actors could have been better in terms of the dancing and acting especially MJ. For example they could have added more emotional depth to the disconnect he had to his father and how it pushed him to be who he became there wasn’t a emotional energy connect from the actors
Shikha, 02 May 2024
Absolutely loved it - obviously music is great but the singing acting and dancing were ace. Would definitely recommend.
Diane, 01 May 2024
Absolutely brilliant
What a great show. From start to finish everything was amazing
Christopher, 01 May 2024
One of the best shows I’ve seen, incredible , the performers where our standing , the talent is breathe taking , amazing fantastic, defo gonna go again
Melanie, 01 May 2024
Show very good, But..
The show was very good, but.. where we was seating in the Grand Circle , the majority of people around me including myself and my partner, had great difficulty hearing the verbal dialogue within the show when the actors and actress were speaking as the sound was not great in my seating area. When the singing and songs was taking place the sound was okay.
Adrian, 01 May 2024
Fantastic show
You will love the show if you love MJs music. The orchestra band & singing is amazing!
Heather, 30 Apr 2024
Vibrant and enjoyable
I never thought anyone would be able to emulate Michael Jackson but Myles Frost had the voice, the mannerisms and the vocals spot on. My only criticism would be that there was too much talking and not enough singing!
Tracey, 30 Apr 2024
An unbelievable show. The music, the actors, the lighting, everything was BREATHTAKING!!!!
Athanasia, 29 Apr 2024
Great show
It was very amazing. The history of the music life of MJ through his songs. Lovely.
Claudio, 29 Apr 2024
Fantastic show
Amazing show and performance from start to finish. My son took me for my birthday and we loved all the songs and dancing. Anyone would enjoy this show.
Cora, 28 Apr 2024
Fabulous show
Fabulous acting and light show
John, 27 Apr 2024
The main character was better than the real MJ.
Ravinder, 27 Apr 2024
MJ Musical
Fantastic show would recommend
Terri, 27 Apr 2024
Great atmosphere
The lighting and acoustics in theatre were great and the show was amazing with great special effects
Gary, 25 Apr 2024
Excellent show
The show was informative and the dancing and singing were amazing.
Lynn, 21 Apr 2024
Totally fabulous
This show wows you from the get go. The music acting dancing lighting are superb. We simply loved it and would recommend it to everyone. BIG thanks to all involved
Lynne, 21 Apr 2024
Fantastic and brilliant
Gabriel, 21 Apr 2024
Great voices and phenomenal choreography!
Walter, 20 Apr 2024
Story, music, light, decor...all perfect. The best musical have seen
JEAN CLAUDE, 19 Apr 2024
Brilliant dance spectacle
Brought to life Michael’s brilliant music and amazing dancing technique
John, 18 Apr 2024
What a Show! Such talented cast! 11/10 stars 🌟🌟🌟
Went to the show after seeing clips on socials and have always been an MJ fan from the beginning. We weren’t disappointed and super happy and impressed by the cast, the band and production! Highly recommend and will be sending my parents over to experience a great night! A massive thanks to everyone involved!
Mary Ann, 16 Apr 2024
Simple the best 👍👍
Es war das beste Musical das ich bisher sah, und es waren viele. Die Akustik war brillant und die Sänger und Tänzer überragend. Michael war zu 100 % echt 👍👍
Conny, 16 Apr 2024
All great actors story everything,not to be missed I would go again.
Eunice, 16 Apr 2024
Awesome just a fantastic show
Awesome show, that first song you had the beat in your chest, amazing performance loved it.
Lindsey, 15 Apr 2024
Incredible show!
The show exceeded all my expectations. Of course the music was awesome, but the acting, directions, story… everything was great. I couldn’t recommend this more. The best show I’ve seen in years.l and Myles who plays Michael is outstanding; even his movement and mannerisms are spot on…. No wonder we won a Tony!
Scott, 14 Apr 2024
This show was amazing I totally recommend , worth the money I just wanted to get up and dance !
Tracey, 14 Apr 2024
Fabulous must see show!!
Absolutely fantastic show, singing, acting and staging all superb - so much energy and emotion, outstanding!!!
Sue, 14 Apr 2024
Absolutely amazing! I want to watch it all over again
Samantha, 12 Apr 2024
Brilliant show
Really great show ,truly recommend to anyone
Luiza, 10 Apr 2024
Fantastic show
Absolutely loved the show the acting and singing was fantastic I didn’t want it to end I’m going to bring my grandchildren to see it Great night out
Jane, 10 Apr 2024
Energetic, colourful and thought provoking
I thoroughly enjoyed the show, all the actors were excellent. The background and stage of different scenes were amazing. However the metamorphosis of MJ complexion and personality changes could have been portrayed more accurately.
Cecilia, 10 Apr 2024
Very clever how the story was told and Michael was brilliant! Voice, body language, stance, dance moves, he played the part down to a t! There were moments you had to remind yourself that it wasn’t really him!
Sian, 06 Apr 2024
Worth travelling from aus
Linda, 06 Apr 2024
I have no words to express how phenomenal this show is. The whole world needs to see it. It was funny, sad in parts, uplifting and eye opening. A show of pure talent and genius. Dancing, lighting, music, story line and amazing pure talented actors and dancers. Blew me and my 14 year old daughter away. The way in which the story was told threw the years was pure genius. All the actors who played MJ were truly outstanding. Thank you all
helen, 06 Apr 2024
Just amazing!
Absolutely amazing show. Only draw back was the two young teenagers with their mum infront of me who kept talking. Obviously too young to appreciate the MJ experience.
Sarah, 05 Apr 2024
dancing and singing brilliant loved it
Susan, 05 Apr 2024
Better than expected!
Thoroughly enjoyed the show! Myles Frost is amazing! Highly recommended.
Zabeen, 05 Apr 2024
If you are a music lover...
Absolutely fantastic show .... I never got to see MJ live but this is the next best thing !!!!!
Faye, 04 Apr 2024
Phenomenal, surpassed my expectations!!
This was amazing. Holidaying in London, this was my 11 year olds choice. He doesn’t like sitting still for long and has never made it through a full show… until now. We all loved it. I felt MJs story was told in a subtle yet obvious way, combining the history of the Jackson 5 with the more complex years in his height of fame. The guy who played Michael was so believable, and really made the show for me. It’s up there in my top 3 musicals of all time! A must see for anyone and everyone.
Kathleen, 04 Apr 2024
Absolutely fantastic show, great acting, dancing and songs! Thoroughly enjoyed and recommended for all ages
Andy, 01 Apr 2024
Myles frost was completely amazing and he amazed us! Get your tickets now ! Y'all won't regret it Thanks to the whole team!
Louis djibril, 31 Mar 2024
Fantastic show lived up to the hype and beyond. Fantastic sound and performances to go with brilliant songs.
Anthony, 28 Mar 2024
KANA, 25 Mar 2024
This is one of the best musicals I have been to. Dancing, singing & choreography was excellent. Very high standard throughout the show. The actor that played Michael Jackson played the part brilliantly. Would highly recommend.
Donna, 24 Mar 2024
Was Expecting Better
After watching Tina this was a let down, very scrambled at times with various MJs on stage with periods of his life. To slow with disjointed story line. Music and actors were good but was expecting more music then drama
Donald, 22 Mar 2024
Awesome show, much audience participation by all
Easy to get to the theatre, all staff really helpful. As a kiwi I loved the audiences show of appreciation throughout the show. Ooohs Ahhhhh end applause. Well done everyone.
Margaret, 22 Mar 2024
The best musical that I've ever seen in my life! FENOMENAL! SPECTACULAR! I cannot recommend it enough
Anna, 20 Mar 2024
Fairly entertaining
More music, and less supposed storyline would be my preference. Storyline was hard to hear and follow, as well as a bit disjointed.
Nigel, 20 Mar 2024
Brilliant dancing
Loved the dancing. Story jumped a bit. Only one moon walk. Could not hear speaking very muffled hard to follow.
Lynda, 20 Mar 2024
MJ a must see!
Great night out for all the family. Great cast, musical arrangements, ensemble and a real star in Mike’s as MJ. Even if you are not a MJ fan you will love this. Audience savoured every minute.
Debbie, 16 Mar 2024
The best I have ever seen
This cast are incredible the whole show was absolutely incredible I have grown up with Micheal Jackson from a child listening to him in my moms car Never got to see him in concert before his passing and after seeing this today I was completely blown away from start to finish I could of sat for hours and still would go back and watch it over and over again. You all really are a credit to the show industry
Kim, 15 Mar 2024